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Top Part has partnered with Bosal to bring you the widest range of high quality exhaust systems specific to your cars make and model.

Bosal is a leading manufacturer of:

  • complete exhaust systems for passenger cars
  • complete exhaust systems for trucks and industrial applications
  • catalytic converters
  • towbar systems
  • roofbars and roofracks
  • wind deflectors
  • jacks and toolkits
  • precision steel tubing
  • TBI
  • vehicle cabins
  • warehouse racking systems
  • irrigation equipment
  • energy conversion components

Bosal Exhaust SystemsEstablished in 1923 in Alkmaar, the Bosal Group is Dutch registered, headquartered in Lummen, Belgium. BosalĀ“s customer base includes all major car manufacturers worldwide as well as a variety of leading industrial conglomerates.

Quinton Hazell’s continued success in the supply of original equipment, reflects the Company’s consistently high standards across the whole product range. QH products are increasingly being fitted to the latest generation of vehicles on the production line and the OE/OES sales team has the knowledge and experience to work with vehicle manufacturers, including their recognised aftermarket service operations, from concept to delivery.



Download All Brochures