Top Part has partnered with Lucas to bring you the widest range of high quality wiper blades specific to your cars make and model.

Lucas Conventional Wiper Blades provide a direct replacement for the OE style blade on the majority of vehicles.

Lucas covers a further 20% of the marketplace with the Lucas Clearvision Flat Blade range. This range incorporates groundbreaking technologies, placing it at the forefront of the blade market place. Utilizing sleek design and the most durable materials, this blade is the blade of the future.

The Lucas Flat Blade range is a direct replacement for the newest vehicles on the road today, or an upgrade option, with the right adaptor, for all older vehicles. Replacing an old blade with the Lucas product couldn´t be easier with the correct adaptor already pre-fitted, which has an easy-to-install mechanism and full instructions.

The 42 Lucas Conventional Wiper Blades:

  • 15 blades from 11″ to 28″ covering more than 90% of vehicles
  • 9 blades featuring a high performance spoiler, suitable for some of the most popular vehicles on the road
  • 8 rear fit blades
  • 5 blades incorporating wash-wipe technology
  • 4 super tension blades, designed for extra pressure over the entire curvature of the windscreen
  • 2 bespoke blades of the latest technology ­ specific to ~BMW and Peugeot
  • 1 rubber refill to fit all blades

The 42 Lucas Flat Blades:

  • 11 blades with the Standard-fit adaptor, covering more than 90% of vehicles
  • 31 blades with a specific adaptor for replacement of bespoke blades

Incorporating a high content of natural rubber in the blade, combined with a synthetic additive to prolong existence, these wiper blades meet with the high quality customers have come to expect from the Lucas brand.

Each style of Lucas wiper blade also undergoes a series of tests to uphold the quality standards expected from the Lucas brand. These standards are achieved through the long-standing implementation of QS-9000 procedures during the manufacturing process, meaning Lucas Conventional blades have not only achieved E-certification, but also the more prestigious TÜV approval. All materials undergo rigorous testing and meet stringent regulations.



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